World Conference on Women


Roshan Maniam

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POSITION PAPER: CHILE - MONASH UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA WOMEN IN CORPORATE AND GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE Since the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action, women worldwide still face challenges when it comes to representation in politics as well as corporate structures despite enormous advancement in recent years. This is especially true in Chile as well as other countries in this region due to entrenched patriachial values that are still prevalent among the people. Women are still disincentivised from participating in politics and economy because of disconnect between the people and the policies that are being proposed.

The Quito Consensus is an agreement signed by the Latin American countries. It aimed to implement all necessary affirmative action policies in order to achieve full participation of women in public office. This incentivised countries such as Chile in implementing quota systems for women in Parliament. However, it did not outline specific measures for the countries to do so which meant that there wasn’t a set international framework towards achieving this parity. As a result many countries still suffer from the adverse effects of a badly implemented quota system. In addition to that, there had also been the 59th Commission on the Status of Women which focused on improving dialogue between nations as well as to reaffirm and strengthen political commitment to gender equality. The appraisal of the Bejing...