Disarmament and International Security Committee
Central African Republic


Lei Aspe

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TOPIC A: Violent Non-State Actors

For decades attacks of violent non-state actors have been prevalent in different parts of the world. Casualties have been recorded, Families losing their homes to the atrocities of violent groups etc.. Efforts have been exhausted, however, they cannot fully take effect. To discuss our context, in the CAR there is an on-going crisis between Seleka and anti-Balaka. Seleka originates from northern and eastern parts of CAR and is mostly composed of Muslims. Their protests aim for the recognition of persecution, marginalization, and other bigotries committed to their affiliation. The Seleka, although having sensible grievances, brought atrocities including killings, rape and the like. On the other hand, Anti Balaka is a coalition focused on the resistance against Seleka to defend the Christians. Their documented atrocities include attacks on Muslim populations of the state. Like the Seleka, the members of the anti Balaka are also armed and have committed looting, and other atrocities. The world responds to these atrocities by assisting refugees and aiding them in starting a new life which have been done by countries such as Germany, Sweden, etc.. Similarly, the recent attack in France has made the country revise its security measures. In directly addressing eradicating these groups, countries have joined in agreement to bom...