Disarmament and International Security Committee
Cape Verde


Yung Wan
Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

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Topic: Violent Non-State Actors Country: Cape Verde

Most of today’s armed conflicts take place within states and are waged by at least one NSA fighting state forces and/or other NSAs. In these conflicts, frequent violations of humanitarian norms are committed by both state and non-state parties. Violent non-state security threats have emerged from, but are not limited to civil rebellions, insurgency, liberation movements, and failed governments. These threats have historically shown varying levels of orderliness, with certain violent NSAs functioning as loose associations and others operating as active terrorist establishments. Those NSAs that are viewed as imposing the largest threat to society, take AUC and FARC for example, are the ones whose main tactic for acquiring power is by disrupting society in a manner that installs fear within the civilian population. Cape Verde want to emphasize the importance and urgency of what can our committee...