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Elizaveta Plyukhina
Russian Federation

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Canada: Elizaveta Plyukhina & Johannes Wolf

Topic A: World Water Crisis: Disease Management and sustainable Solutions

Geopolitically blessed with being home to 1/5th of the world's cleanest water, Canada holds very firm regulations on water safety and hygienic quality standards. The ability to drink clean tap water is a virtue worthy of vigorous pursuit, and allows Canada an exemplary position in so far as curing water related illnesses. Canada hopes to act as not only an example for developing nations of how they could potentially handle water sanitation related issues, but also hopes to contribute through sharing of knowledge and technology. We look forward to collaborating with other nations who likewise have similar water quality, and aspire to connect with such nations in order to create sustainable solutions in mutual cooperation with those who do not have the means to do so themselves. Canada acknowledges that clean water is a fundamental human necessity. In line with basic understanding of the purpose of government, it stands to reason that the provision of this most important resource to human development must lie at the greatest priority of all states. The importance of clean water supply is demonstrated through the legal regulation of water that can be seen in several legal systems. For instance, the Canadian Water Act of 1985, that ...