Organization of Islamic Cooperation


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Cameroon - an African state situated in the West Africa - is one of the most involved concerning the question of refugees and asylum seekers in its region. It is obvious that this phenomenon increases because of its neighboring countries’ political instability : the Central African Republic and Nigeria, both facing opposed conflicts. Just as well as the situation remains worrying for our government and for the guarantee of security and social peace on our territory, Cameroon fully remains alone in this struggle and in welcoming the refugees. We are doubtlessly united concerning our duty to help these populations in distress as well, and we are still affected by the circumstances in Middle East, Asia, but also on our own continent.

Firstly, there are currently 76,000 Nigerian refugees running away in the Extreme North of Cameroon because of the unbearable daily violence engendered by the terrorist group Boko Haram. The open borders policy of course still remains in Cameroon, although it is to be considered that some terrorists have already penetrated in our territory through the flood of refugees, causing several suicide attacks and other brutal savageries. Secondly, anti-Balaka Millice directly threatens civilians, particularly existing Muslim minorities. Uninterrupted violence has become the everyday life of the population. Currently, Cameroon has broken the record with 240,000 people coming in. As you can notice the situation is out of control, but we are determined to set up quick-acting and fundamental measures. This is situation is a very concerning one, especially regarding territorial integrity.

Cameroon does not only intent to interrupt Boko Haram’s expansion but also to wipe it of the map. As part of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation our...