South Africa


Lara Kühnle

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Committee: WHO

Country: South Africa

Delegate: Lara Kühnle, Maastricht University

Topic: Organ Trafficking & Antibiotic Resistance (AMR)

I. Organ Trafficking

Millions of people around the world are waiting in agony; for an organ they might never receive. This is due to a global and persistent shortage of donor organs. In South Africa, we are also facing this problem: according to the Organ Donor Foundation of South Africa (ODF) only 12.5% of those on the waiting list actually received the live-saving transplant in 2015. This discrepancy between supply and demand has led to the creation of criminal schemes that will offer mostly rich, Western men an organ from a poor person who did not have (much of) a choice. As South Africa is one of the most developed countries on the African continent, home to state-of-the art hospitals and medical professionals, with a favorable exchange rate for Europeans and Americans, it has attracted many so-called ‘organ tourists’ (Khoza,2011).

Needless to say, South Africa not only morally, but also legally conde...