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Stefanie Clamor

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Burkina Faso – Position Paper WHO - World Water Crisis and Containing Epidemics 80% of Burkina Faso’s population has access to improved drinking-water sources (74% in rural areas and 96% in urban areas). But even water from improved water sources is not guaranteed to be free of fecal matter or its associated pathogens. On average 90.5 % of the world population have access to improved drinking-water sources which means that Burkina Faso is below average. Only 18% of Burkinabe have access to improved sanitation facilities (6% in rural areas and 50% in urban areas). AIDS, malaria and meningitis are the main death reasons among adults. Children however die mostly because of diarrhea, tetanus and measles. Diarrhea and tetanus occur mostly because of poor hygiene. Nevertheless a number of improvements have been noted in the standard of health of the pop...