Legal Committee
Burkina Faso


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Topic A: Intellectual Property Right and HIV/AIDS medications.

This is our mission and our duty, as member of the UN, to guarantee the access to medication, but also to protect and promote the research to cure the HIV/AIDS. This virus is a threat to every country and continues to spread. The fight against HIV/AIDS is one of the great health challenges of our century, and we will solve it by offering accessible medication. As many of Sub-Saharan country, Burkina Faso is highly concerned by this topic and act continuously to eradicate this virus. This is because virus do not respect borders that we need to act together, especially to allow every victims to access affordable retroviral treatments.

Recognizing the importance of the intellectual property, but also the weakness of the actual system, the Burkina Faso will promote an improvement of the TRIPS, to avoid TRIPS-plus agreements. These bilateral agreements create a system more complex and less flexible, where the access to medication is already limited. The intellectual property should be defined at the international level, to guarantee the same conditions of accessibility to every country. Patent laws also need to be harmonized to improve the commerce and t...