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Burkina Faso


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Harvard World MUN 2016


Burkina Faso

Anca-Teodora Tigna

Maik Alexander Jordan

Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

Topic A: International Labor Standrads

The Republic of Burkina Faso is honored by being involved in the debate about International Labor Standards. International Labor Standards have got a huge relevance for Burkina Faso, the African Union, the ECOWAS and their member states. Therefore the Republic of Burkina Faso has ratified eight core ILO labour conventions (regarding trade union rights of workers, discrimination, child labour e.g.). Furthermore the Regional Economic Communities, the ECOWAS in the case of Burkina Faso, have done a great contribution in the challenge of rising the standards of the people of Africa, regarding living and labor standards as well. In the aspect of International Labor Standards we need to keep in min...