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Nadja Wipp

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Committee: African Union Topics: (A) China in Africa (B) The Inter-African Network Country: Burkina Faso

Topic (A) China in Africa

Burkina Faso is a proud member of the African Union and is strongly committed to promoting African development and best possible conditions for the peoples of Africa. Therefore, Burkina Faso is determined to strive for comprehensive and implementable solutions for the following topics on the agenda of the next session of the African Union. Over the years, the People´s Republic of China has gained significant economic as well as cultural influence on the African continent. ECONOMIC IMPACT Today, many African countries have profound trade relations with the People´s Republic of China. On the one hand, Burkina Faso applauds growing trade relations between African and Non-African states since these positively contribute to the economic development of our continent. However, on the other hand, this influence has two sides of a coin. Ergo, Burkina Faso would like to put emphasize on “hidden” deficits ignored by some African countries which extensively trade with the People´s Republic of China. First of all, Burkina Faso is deeply concerned with environmental impacts caused by raw material extraction. The People´s Republic of China keeps a major part of the profits, African nations will be left alone with environmental consequences. The current economic use of natural recourses in Africa in cooperation with mainland Chinese companies is not sustainable. Moreover, most business relations hold more advantages for companies from the People’s Republic of China.

EMPLOYMENT In addition, Burkina Faso assesses the extensive usage of Chinese work forces as a major challenge for our local labour market. This leads to higher unemployment rates in all African states. Furthermore, African states suffer not only a lack of positions but also a lack of professional work training.

INDEPENDENCE Bearing in mind the noble ideas which guided the African people who fought for the independence of the very nations of the African Union, the level of socio-economic and political interference shall be led by an open and peaceful communic...