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Quinlan Davenport and Luisa Musella Legal Committee Federative Republic of Brazil John Cabot University, Rome

Topic A: Intellectual Property Rights and HIV/AIDS Medication

One of the most active countries in the field of generic drug production[1], most significantly in the case of 8 of 15 drugs included in the ARV Cocktail that helps prevent the onset of symptoms of AIDS. The most agreed upon estimate for the population of Brazil suffering from HIV/AIDS is 610,000 to 1,000,000, as of 2014[3]. While not suffering a massive population of infected (only 0.3%-0.6% of the population), the Brazilian state values the potential threat of this disease, and has taken a number of legal steps to counter the advance, including but not limited to import substitution, which led to the cost of treatment for symptoms decreasing by 72.5% from the years of 1996 to 2000[2]. At the same time, Brazil holds the largest economy in the Latin America, and is a BRICS nation, demonstrating the necessity for Brazil to provide an environment beneficial for investment and innovation. It is beca...