Special, Political, and Decolonization Commmittee


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Topic A: Statebuilding

It is in the SPECPOL, the committee of the General Assembly historically conceived for the greatest quest to freedom of the oppressed by the oppressors, that the Federation of Brazil can have its voice heard, as it is usually used to, with the peaceful assertiveness of a former colony now free and in very good terms with its former motherland. Our foreign policy towards the enforcement of chapter VI of the UN charter, which deals with the limitations of the use or threat of force, is a legacy dating back to our achievement of independence through political leverage rather than thrusting violence. From the moment of our independence in 1824 and the establishment of the Portuguese court in Rio de Janeiro, we managed to accept the former settlers and use their institutional expertise to build a strong independent state rather than repel them with fierceness. Our history has taught us to export the same tolerant principles we learned to the world. Since our engagement with the UN in 1954, the Federation of Brazil has committed in 46 of 65 UN peacekeeping operations, deploying 11,669 personnel in total. However, our functions in peace keeping missions were mainly state-building and aid oriented rather than bellicose. Recently, our commitment to peace-keeping has graduall...