Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee
South Sudan


Heidi Chiu

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South Sudan became a sovereign state in July 2011 rendering it the youngest nation of today. However, since March 2013 growing tensions within the government and the ruling SPLM political party led to the violence that erupted on the 15 December 2013 in the capital Juba and escalated into a tribal-political confrontation around the country. The unrest has left thousands dead and there are currently an estimated 1.5 million internally displaced people (OCHA, April 2015). Conflict is still on going in parts of South Sudan with a majority of the population having been exposed to high rates of violence, displacement, and political and social insecurity.

While mental health data from South Sudan is limited, as South Sudan is a third world country in conflict, the main issue on the topic of mental health is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a common disorder in individuals exposed to armed conflict like in South Sudan. A post-conflict study (2012) from Juba found that 36% of the sampled population possess symptoms of PTSD and 50% for depression. Another study conducted in late 2013 found the prevalence of PT...