Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee


Shivaane Subash

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SMUN 2016: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

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Topic A: Mental Health

Mental health is a very pressing issue, especially in an African country such as Ghana where stigmas against mental illnesses are still prevalent. Furthermore, like most other African countries, Ghana is also plagued by relatively low standards of living, and hence insufficient healthcare. Mental health care in Ghana is one of the worst in Africa -- Ghana’s doctor-patient ratio in the mental health sector stands at 1:1.7 million, with one psychiatrist for every two million people. Records from major mental health care facilities in 2015 showed over 100,000 patients with some cases going unreported, proving that mental illnesses in Ghana is increasing exponentially. The 2012 Mental Health Act re-focussed the way mental health services was to be provided, moving from an institutional model to a community-based one. The new Act was also designed to combat stigma and discrimination against the mentally ill. However, the constitution still restricts liberties of persons considered to be of “unsound mind” and presumed the incapability of the mentally ill, limiting their ability to make decisions about their treatments. Although there are a number of international partn...