United Nations Commission on the Status of Women
United States


Ryu Naufal Rafif

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COMMITTEE: United Nations Committee on The Status of Women

COUNTRY: United States of America

TOPIC: The Fight For Female Migrant Labour Rights

In 2015, there were 26.3 million migrant workers in the US labour force, of which 41.7% are women. Many of these migrant workers are Hispanics coming from Third World Latin American countries seeking a better life, just like their male counterparts. Migrant female labourers tend to work in the Secondary Sector such as garment or microelectronic manufacturing, as well as domestic work.

Migrant female workers in the US, especially those from Third World Countries, come across discrimination in their workplaces in the form of xenophobia as well as racism. Furthermore, exploitation due to their sex. Even though it is not widespread, cases of sexual harassment and rape still occur among the migrant female labour force. Aside from discrimination, ...