Disarmament and International Security Committee
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Ankush Wagle

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Topic A: Violent Non-State Actors

The threat posed by Violent Non-State Actors (VNSAs) against the international community urgently needs to be addressed as a matter of international security. We recognise that in some cases VNSAs provide necessary services, including security in fragile environments. However, often arising within fragile states with existing power vacuums, VNSAs more frequently provoke egregious violations against human rights and both cause and sustain the majority of modern wars(DCAF 2015).

From a national viewpoint, Bosnia and Herzegovina was torn by war in the last decade alone. Whilst we strive to rebuild strong partnerships with our surrounding regions and the ethnic groups that make up our population, we are undeniably vulnerable to radical groups seeking to influence how our nation rebuilds herself. For instance, the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence (ICSR) found some 330 citizens from Bosnia and Herzegovina were participating as foreign fig...