Special Political and Decolonization Committee


Miheer Jain

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SINGAPORE MODEL UNITED NATIONSCommittee-Special Political and Decolonisation Committee Portfolio-SELARUS 1. TOPIC A-MINING RIGHTS The issue of mining rights surrounds each and every nation’s urge to immortalise its name in term of development and to attract foreign mining companies to fuel their economic growth. Countries like CHINA and RUSSIA have been leveraging different resource rich nations for their greed and eventually these nations consent the contract for their development and to enhance their economy and are compelled to do this because they don't have the funds to attract foreign mining companies and buy their shares. Ultimately what happens is the violation of of certain labour laws which have been already prescribed by a certain country’s government although it undergoes to consent a particular Mandate which states to follow certain guidelines matching the international standards and if the leaser country is a ratified signatory of UN build programmes like UNDP,UNEP then it becomes a legal framework for the company to abide by these programmes CHARTER. Yet the charter is violated and the leaser country being unable to object for its benefit the repercussions are faced by its citizens. In context with Belarus experts agreed the deal, however, is significant for the potash market and more so for BPC(Belarusian Potash Company) as it brings the waiting game to an end, after almost three months of uncertainties. It also gives BPC a substantial market share in one of the world’s largest potash markets, though the quantity of potash that it will ship to China is still under discussion. Belarus is a potash rich nation and thus other nations like CHINA,RUSSIA have been very keen in negotiating with it as these countries requires potash at a very high rate and posses largest markets of it in the whol...