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Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of


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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Committee: United Nations Security Council

Delegates: Muhammad Radhiyan Pasopati Pribadi and Shunta Takino

Topic 1: Situation in Kosovo

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela remains concerned by the continued efforts of much of the international community to challenge the territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia. This is despite Article 1.4 of the Charter of the United Nations stating that “all members [should] refrain… from threat or use of force against the territorial integrity… of states” . As many of you are aware, UNSC Resolution 1244 (1999), which passed almost unanimously, pointed out that whilst Kosovo may have the right to be a largely autonomous region, it does not, have the right to declare independence unilaterally. In fact, in 1998, in a similar case on the matter of potential secession of Quebec, the Canadian Supreme Court noted that the international law does not provide regions with the right to “secede unilaterally from their parent state’ . Given this historical precedent and the infringement of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela fails to see how Kosovo can declare unilateral independence wi...