North Atlantic Treaty Organization
United Kingdom


Chu Darek

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Committee: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Topic: The situation in Afghanistan

Present (Tense)

As Resolute Support Mission (RSM) approaches the end of its timeline, NATO is supposed to relinquish its most of its military capabilities and become a civilian presence. The purpose of this move is to return power back to the Afghan government and the Afghan national Security force (ANSF). However, the country that NATO is returning to the Afghan people is one in political disarray, rampant fighting and lacks real economic growth. In fact, sectarian violence has increased since the NATO captured most of Afghanistan in 2013 and started to withdraw their main forces. The present situation can be attributed to multiple factors such as the lack of a strong centralised government in Kabul (and hence no rule of law) and lack of coordination in the ANSF. Other factors such as corruption and abuse by the Afghan local police serve to worsen the situation.

Yet there are positive indicators of progress. Since 2001, life expectancy rates have increased by over 20 years, primary school literacy rates were boasted and Afghanistan rose more than 30 spots on the UN HDI. However, all of those were done with strong international funding in a time of relative peace. Moving into a future with fewer of these conditions, real economic progress in Afghanistan becomes increasingly distant.

UK’s stance

United Kingdom(UK) is a firm supporter of counter-terrorism efforts. This is evident by the strong military presence by UK troops. However, in the recent years, UK has been making significant contributions of 890 million Euros into (re)development projects in multiple provinces and is committed to providing another 210 billion dollars for the next 4 years. However, in the recent months, previous British strong hold in Helmand fell to the hands of the Taliban; merely 12 months after the British withdrew their troops. This brought...