North Atlantic Treaty Organization


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Sophie Anderson and Tarini Chaudhuri Iyer

Singapore American School

(Turkey) North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

TOPIC A - The Situation of Afghanistan

In 1978, a civil war emerged in Afghanistan between the communist supporters and their opposition. Shortly after, the Soviet Union sent in troops to enforce and establish the practice of communism, with foreign nations pressurising and the Soviet Union’s loss of reigns, they drew back from Afghanistan. It was after the attacks on American soil on September 11th, that the United States dispatched military personnel into Afghanistan. From this string of events surfaced more prominently the present issues of the threat that the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other terrorist groups have put on not only Afghanistan but also member nations of NATO. Currently, Afghanistan is facing many complications within the nation due to terrorist extremists occupying its territory. With growing Taliban insurgency and escalating violence, Afghanistan’s government is losing its grip on the nation.

Turkey and Afghanistan have been longtime allies and has made Afghanistan a top priority in the development cooperation agenda. Although turkish troops have not fought directly, Turkey has given logistical support as well as provided training for Afghan troops. The government of Turkey has also been a vital sponsor of many reconstruction projects with the trained afghan police and military force. Despite the glo...