North Atlantic Treaty Organization


Feiyang Huang

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Names: Dejoy Shastikk Kumaran and Huang Feiyang

School: NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

Committee: North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Country: Poland


Poland remains committed to the full eradication of extremism all across the world, including within Afghanistan. While the military intervention by several NATO nations in Afghanistan was fraught with inefficiencies, it was very important in mostly eradicating militant terrorist elements within Afghanistan. As the ISAF withdrew from Afghanistan gradually both due to domestic political pressures against politicians who had been elected on anti-war platforms as well as the appearance of a generally improving combat situation, a resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan began. This was part of a general pattern of radical Islamic groups gaining the support of large swathes of the population soon after the downgrading of American involvement, which was also seen in Iraq with the growth of multiple splinter groups, with the dominant group being the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Currently in Afghanistan, the Taliban is gaining a lot of support, particularly in rural regions of the country like much of the Southern regions[1], as shown by their territorial expansion, although NATO forces are helping to hold key areas, particularly those around Kabul and Kandahar. It is worrisome that the group is able to obtain military weapons to mount further attacks and undermine the sovereignty of the Afghan people. It is vital that the sovereignty of Afghanistan as a legitimate state is safeguarded - it’s the entire reason the ISAF decided to intervene in Afghanistan many years ago.

In Afghanistan, Poland continues to deploy troops, albeit reduced from its 2010 number of 2600...