North Atlantic Treaty Organization


Melanie Tiong

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The Netherlands in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

The Netherlands on the Situation in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, a once strategically located country, subjected to the occupation of powers trying to gain control of each other, has been in a state of constant unrest and mayhem. October 7 2001 saw the beginning of the turmoil and war in Afghanistan and the involvement of US troops. 2003 saw the inclusion of NATO members and troops, fighting the war in Afghanistan. What started out as a civil war from the year 1996-2001 has become a destabilizing force in the region - the lack of a functioning government and society has allowed for sectarian violence, drug proliferation and extreme religious fundamentalism. Afghanistan’s issues exert a global impact and NATO has every right to be concerned. The question hence is how to intervene, if at all beneficial and necessary. To find this answer we must examine in detail the present situation.

Currently, the Taliban is gaining a lot of support especially in rural regions of the country as shown through their territorial expansion. It is worrying that the group is able to obtain military weapons to enable them to carry out further attacks and undermine the sovereignty of the Afghan people. The Res...