North Atlantic Treaty Organization


Jamie Chuah

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Committee: North Atlantic Treaty Organization Country: Republic of Lithuania Topic A: The Situation in Afghanistan

The present situation in Afghanistan is quite problematic. The country has very little in the way of existing infrastructure, and no real prospects for economic growth aside from the illegal drug trade. The central government’s power is limited to Kabul, and it is almost entirely dependent on US-led forces for security Civilian casualties have increased rather than decreased in recent years, and there are few signs that Afghanistan is anywhere near becoming a safer place.

Lithuania has been a firm partner of Afghanistan, a supporter and contributor in achieving its main goals. Since 2005, Lithuania has been leading a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) of Ghor Province in Afghanistan. Lithuania’s main objective is to help Afghanistan become a secure, democratic and self-sufficient state. The importance Lithuania attaches to the success of the UN-mandated ISAF operation and to working with the international community in Afghanistan motivates their involvement. As the ISAF mission winds down, sustained capacity building of Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) is essential for the maintenance of security and stability in...