Council of Europe
Macedonia, Republic of


Marcel Bache

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Council of Europe The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Marcel Bache, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

1 Internationalisation of Higher Education

The Republic of Macedonia entered the Council of Europe in 1995. Thenceforth, the Council has monitored and advised the Republic concerning prevention of torture, alienation from racism, protection of social rights and minorities, control of corruption and money laundering, democracy, combating traffic in persons and the judicial system. However, the Republic of Macedonia is not a member of the European Union but a candidate country. The Republic had 19 universities and 60,682 students in 2017. With approximately 40,000 students the St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje is the most important one. High costs disable many of the Macedonian students to attend foreign country’s universities. Only 7.4 percent of them study abroad. The most attractive countries for Macedonian students are Italy, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Germany and Austria. A great number of qualified employees leave the country post-graduate because of low w...