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European Parliament

The Netherlands ALDE

Erik Steenberg Gap Year

EU Cybersecurity Policies / European Arrest Warrant


Being one of the founding EU member states, The Netherlands has been part of the Parliament since its creation. As for the party, The Alliance of Liberal and Democrats in Europe (ALDE) is the modern day Liberal party in the European parliament, seeking greater cooperation and integration of the member states, as well as protecting citizens’ rights.

The European Arrest Warrant EAW

After the 9/11 attacks the EU members came together to create the European Arrest Warrant which purpose was to combat international organised crime and terrorism, by simplifying extradition between countries. While today it is easier to extradite criminals and suspects, the EAW is being misused, in the name of petty crime and violating people’s liberty, instead of what it was created for.

The EAW has been issued for the following; driving a bike while drunk, stealing two car tires, counterfeiting approximately 50 euros, the possession of less than half gram of cannabis, stealing chocolate and the theft of 10 chickens. If this is what organised crime counts as, then the EU needs to rethink its priorities. There are also examples of the EAW being issued for crimes already punished, for instance with the case of Jacek Jaskolski, where an EAW was issued for the Polish national, for debts that he had already paid. There are also cases where individuals have been ...