Pierre Ieong

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Position Paper

Education is an empowerment right. It is the universal tool to cause positive change throughout all spectrums in society. The Kingdom of Belgium recognizes the importance of maintaining a robust education system for its citizens in order to promote equal opportunities and increase social mobility. According to a report by the OECD, Belgium ranks 3rd best in terms of quality education among 35 OECD countries, with the high levels of preschool participation, qualified teachers, and a broad flexible higher education system. One of the key factors to Belgium’s effective education system is the high accessibility to tertiary education through policy incentives: low tuition fees, grants, and affordable student housing, which results in high student participation. The resulting educated youth population is supposed to contribute to the labor force and actively participate in Belgium’s internationally competitive technology sectors, such as chemicals, sciences, and ICT. However, despite being one of the leading countries in quality education, Belgium, with other countries alike, suffers limitations in its education system and seeks innovation and reform. Such transformations are needed in order to fight against the effects of social inequities resulting from ageing societies, global competition, technological advancements ideological extremism and gender inequalities.

In the context of rapid globalization and technological advancements. Different careers are being created and replaced at a gla...