United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - UNHCR
Saudi Arabia


Abdulla Al shamisi
United Arab Emirates

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Country:The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The Position Paper for UNHCR
Topic 1: Providing Asylum for LGBTQ fleeing persecution

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia follows the sharia law as its constitution.This law commands every aspect of a life,including sexual preference.The Kingdom is home to Islam by hosting the two holy shrines of Islam: Mecca and Medina. 17.5 million Muslims came in 2016 to fulfil their religion , and the number is expected to rise in 2025 to 30 millions.Saudi is known for having the worst LGBTQ rights record.We have our reasons:it doesn’t align with our cultural and religious believes,In our religion being LGBTQ is a huge sin and considered an act against God. Us Being a prominent Muslim country ,it our duty to guide and show the Right ways of Islam to other Muslim countries.these behaviors goes against human nature, if all people are gays and lesbians the human race will be extinct. Many People think that one of the criteria for being a developed country is being open minded by accepting The LGBTQ community into society.We are not changing our legal system so that LGBTQ people can roam the streets showing their unacceptable behavior without being persecu...