UN High Commissioner for Refugees


Jake Stoffel
United States

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The Delegation of Australia is proud to take part in this conference’s discussion regarding the future of refugees. It is our privilege to serve this committee to make a brighter future for displaced persons around the globe. The challenges we face as a body require innovative solutions, synchronizing the strengths and capacities of all member states to cooperate towards a better future. While the task of handling either of these topics is daunting, with cooperation and honesty we will be able to make a better future for more than 60 million people across the world.

----TOPIC ONE--- The first topic deals with the social and economic integration of protracted refugee populations. Fearing for their livelihood, refugees across the globe flee from their home states to escape the dangers of their communities. Unfortunately, upon arriving in their area of settlement, refugees face a significant barrier of integrating into states. While it would be ideal if these refugees could return to their homes, the reality of the situation often prevents them from goi...