Faissal Sharif

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Organ Trafficking 

The current state of organ trafficking is yet another striking inequity that demonstrates the dimensions economic inequality has taken. So-called first world nations are promoting a market that lives off peoples’ organ donations. The extreme poor are lured into a dodgy network of criminal brokers to donate parts of their healthy body, putting their lives on the line. The cruel nature of the world order lets this happen, as the rich continue to buy organs and travel - most probably well-aware of the circumstances they have been obtained. The rich, powerful man feeds off the desperation of the poor - not figuratively, but literally. 

As a committed member of the World Health Organisation, the Argentine Republic has been committed to fight this issue and has already taken measures to reduce illegal organ trafficking. 

Organ trafficking happens on a global scale with international networks of buyers, brokers, and donors. Furthermore, a multi-level approach acting on regional, national and international level involving gov...