Legal Committee


Chun-Lin Chao
United States

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Harvard World Model United Nations 2016

Committee: Legal Committee

Country: Barbados

Topic A: Intellectual Property Rights and HIV/AIDS medication

Barbados, a country within the second most affected region in the world with a high number of 250,000 people living with HIV, the Caribbean consists of developing nations suffering from HIV/AIDS, with the lack of financial ability to purchase affordable medications for treatment. The predictable high prices root from the legal issues of owning patents on drugs, a controversial necessity for the protection of pharmaceutical companies’ continuity to have adequate profit to invest in new medications. How to alleviate the striking disproportion of demand and access remains the central issue we encourage the committee to solve, as many of the mediums interfere with national and international regulations of drug distribution in the legal environment of intellectual property rights.

Barbados has progressively lowered our number of HIV deaths in recent years, mostly through our expanded access to antiretr...