Special, Political, and Decolonization Commmittee


Diane Te-Han Meng
Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

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Topic A: State building

Numerous terrorist attacks have taken place nowadays promoted a view that failed states may pose a major threat to the international security. Many cases show that some failed states lead to terrorist activities, including illegal weapons, drug trades and transnational organized crimes. In addition, the chaos resulting from collapse of state laws and government dis-function which often lead massive disasters to displaced people and refugees, spread of infectious diseases, famine as well as human rights violation. The internal chaos within a failed state became the source of the instability and insecurity of the international system.

Under the conflict, it is certain that United Nation Peacekeeping Operation contributes to the reconstruction for the early recovery and development. As for the subsequent reconstruction, Barbados supports the Peace building commission(PBC) for the contribution of post-conflict state building and peace building, as well as the ro...