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People’s Republic of Bangladesh Feodora Chouakri and Valeria Lau United Nations Human Rights Council Dawson College

Topic A: The Right to Health

Major advances in the domain of health have transformed the face of the modern world. However, this revolution has been uneven and disproportionate in certain regions, leaving the right to health of a large part of the global population at risk. Many governments struggle to provide vital resources to their citizens, creating a significant strain on the development of these nations. The exclusion of marginalized communities from the accessibility of healthcare is detrimental to the general stability of a country, seeing as this further contributes to the cycle of poverty that often disproportionately affects minority groups. Making swift and effective reforms to the fundamental aspects of healthcare appears daunting, but the outcome would prove itself undeniably beneficial in both the short and the long term. It is time for the international community to address the right to health, keeping in mind the conditions of the millions of disadvantaged individuals who are currently unable to fulfill their potential due to the lack of this basic human right. The People’s Republic of Bangladesh has seen an extremely significant improvement in the health sector in the past years, yet government spending has not grown proportionately. In fact, the empowerment of women is greatly responsible for this surge in pub...