Disarmament and International Security Committee


Yuval Geva

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Delegation: Kingdom of Bahrain Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee Delegates: Yuval Geva, Luna Mouallem

Topic A: Violent non-state actors

2015 was the most violent year since the cold war. But, with a terror attack killing two of our fine policemen in Sitra, and the exposing of major terror cells planning several terror attacks in our country only last month, 2016 hasn't shown us any signs of improvement, and our Kingdom keeps facing continuous infiltration attempts by different terror groups. For the last decade, the international community has been facing new threats that are no longer limited to geographical boundaries. If it is terror, drugs or crime organization, we are all affected globally by these. Yet a fine definition is in order, a definition which will also enable us to approach the situation in a more comprehensive way and apply appropriate solutions.

We, in the kingdom of Bahrain, understand the threat of terrorism as it launches itself viciously in our area and within our borders. A threat of terror is unlike the threat of any other VNSA, for its ideology differs it and introduces us to a much more complicated challenge. Radical violent ideology challen...