World Conference on Women


Muqsit Ali

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Position Paper of The Kingdom of Bahrain

Topic Area A: Women in Corporate and Electoral Governance

No country in the world can strive for socio-political equality without first recognizing and delivering the rights of women. The eminent contributions of women to worldwide political liberalization and modernization must be upheld and accepted as central to human development. The Kingdom of Bahrain aims to strengthen the World Conference on Women through proposing comprehensive frameworks that are reflective of the liberties, freedoms, and rights of women in the 21st century. Bahrain not only aims to improve the conditions for women in corporate and electoral governance, but aims to do it through an overall vision that considers solutions from an individual, national, regional, and international perspective. It is now time that the spontaneous struggle for enhanced civil and political rights for women, both in developed and developing countries, be transformed into an organized campaign that achieves social integrity through integrating women’s rights wi...