Disarmament & International Security Committee (DISEC) - Beginner Level
Côte d'Ivoire


Felice Emanuels

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Today our world has entered a nuclear age, and along with it has come the risk of the world’s balance and peace. As North Korea continues to build their missiles and nuclear arms, countries such as South Korea, Japan, and China are directly threatened. However, the recent PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games brought unification of North and South Korean athletes in their participation as one united Korea. Ivory Coast is delighted to see the eased tensions and warming atmosphere between the two Koreas and believes as we discuss North Korea’s nuclear weapons, we should, at all costs, avoid the loss of the warmed relationship between the North and South Korea. Ivory Coast further congratulates both the U.S. and North Korean leader, President Trump and Supreme leader Kim Jong-un, upon their agreement to meet and discuss the topic of nuclear weapons.

During the December meeting of the Security Council on the issue of the nuclear weapons, Chinese delegate, Wu Haitao stated that past history has shown dialogue and negotiations to be the fundamental way to ease tensions and advance the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula; Ivory Coast agrees with this statement. Furthermore, French delegate,...