Rahel Schwarz

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Rahel Schwarz, University of Hamburg

Threats to the international security in the Arctic sphere

Poland is known as one of the most active outside actors in the Arctic. We base our upcoming Arctic Policy on four key elements: (1) the observance of existing international law, (2) the European Union policy towards the Arctic, (3) cooperation with the Arctic Council and finally (4) support for the public diplomacy related to the Arctic issues which were adopted on November 15, 2012. Research along with diplomacy are the key elements of our foreign policy in the High North. .

Research as a priority: Poland has outstanding scientific research expertise which stems also from the freedom of research that our scientists (Art. 3 of the Svalbard Treaty) benefit from. Research has been done in biochemistry, hydrography, physics of the atmosphere, climatology, chemistry, biology and sea optics. Our most important asset in the Arctic is the Stanislaw Siedlecki Polish Research Station (PRS) in Hornsund. Our scientist have also made our nation a pioneer when trying to use the North Sea Route in 1956. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created the Polar Task Force. This Force brings together government officials and scientists who are working together in the polar regions to address the key issues in the Polish Arctic Policy. We are an environmentally responsive par...