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ASEAN Committee

Topic A: Trade


Trade has been an important characteristic of all the countries, it is promoted by the government and the companies. Around the world all the countries have their external relations in which they increase the income and the quality life that their people reached. Each country has natural resources with ones they can make products and offer them to other parts in the world. This relations about economy between nations become a peaceful way to relate. The programs and treaties that nations have signed are involved in the objective to improve the sells which generate the development of a country over his offer to the world. It is substantial that the products involved in the trade generate a benefit for the society instead of a damage, because as we know the commerce of some substances hurt the world and incurs in people to have a bad behavior. Every country initializes their commerce with other nations according the previous treaties in which they stablished rules and steps to follow until they get the best ways to trade products, resources and taxes. Even when the transportation of the products has a cost one function of the trade is that the taxes should be the low as they can in order to have a mutual benefit in which nobody lose and gain more than they can.

Current situation

Around the world there are some countries that are capable of being part of the trade by their own resources because they have de opportunity of production and business development; these big nations propose the relations between countries in order to increase their income and sells according to the previous signed treaties in which they stablished the terms and conditions for the commerce in all the ways and also de products that are dangerous for the society in that case those products are forbidden so the trade of this will be illegal. The Asian nations are small and for that is important that their participation in the trade should be noticed so in that way they can be able to trade with the big companies and get the resources for their society and get the development to face the new advances in the globalization. According to these ASEAN was created in order to develop the opportunities for each member and thanks to this, countries have developed their economic position in the world. They have main principles which were stablished to increase the cultural education, economy and social progress. Their diplomacy allows leaders to develop a communication without discussions and fights, them intend to be part of the world in a go...