European Union


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Position Paper: Harvard World Model United Nations 2018

Federal Republic of Germany

Bowen Zhang, Jan-Paul Sandmann

London School of Economics and Political Science

Preservation of the European Union

As one of the signatories of the European Economic Community (EEC), and a key driving force of European integration within the framework of the Maastricht and Lisbon treaties, policy coordination at the European level stands at the core of German policy. As an equal partner in a united Europe (Preamble of the Basic Law), and as elaborated in Articles 23 and 45 of the Grundgesetz, the Federal Republic has a constitutionally manifested commitment to the advancement and preservation of the European Union. The Federal Government believes that the effective resolution of the four issues identified would require greater inter- and intra-governmental dialogue, so as to find enduring solutions that directly and successfully cater to the interests of all Member States of the European Union.

Whilst it is recognised that all four issues are key to the preservation of the European Union, the Federal Government firmly believes that, after having regard to the humanitarian and economic concerns that are pressingly at stake, the Refugee Crisis ought to be addressed first. It is the Federal Government’s central objective to conjointly develop wide-ranging guidelines that concern the proportionate distribution of asylum-seekers throughout the European Union.

Following this, Germany would particularly approve of debate on i. enhanced security cooperation and coordination within the Schengen area; ii. proposals towards the partial reform of the EU budget and the establishment of a fiscal union; iii. supplementary measures to prevent the misallocation of capital to restrict the magnitude of potential future economic recessions; and iv. debate on curbing tax avoidance and evasion of multinational corporations operating in the European Union.

I. Recovery from the Global Financial Crisis

Throughout the European Sovereign Debt Crisis since the end of 2009, the Federal Government has taken a strong stance in reassuring ...