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Austin Bond

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Topic: Religious Freedom Delegation: Republic of Finland Committee: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee Monash University


The Republic of Finland looks forward to working with fellow member states on the issue of religious freedom. The Republic of Finland hopes to facilitate and lead a constructive dialogue on the topic. We specifically seek to direct focus towards the following issues: the balance between respecting communal religious expression and individual liberties, the rise of Islamophobia within the West, and the ongoing crisis relating to the Bahai and Myanmar citizens.

I.Freedom of Religion within Finland

The Republic of Finland views freedom of religion as a fundamental human right. Religion is crucial for personal identity, preservation of culture and one’s freedom to thought and speech. It is protected by Section 11 of the Finnish Constitution, the Religious Freedom Act (2003), the European Convention on Human Rights and the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights.

Finland is a predominantly Evangelical Lutheran nation with a rich Protestant history, yet we strive to ensure religious minorities feel welcome. The Finnish government supports the creation of public mosques and religious community centres, defends the right to publicly wear religious clothing, and expressly rejects the divisive anti-Muslim and anti-refugee rhetoric. We are accordingly dismayed at the United States of America’s libellous action towards Muslims and their intransigence in recognising the rights inchoate to these refugees as consecrated in the 1951 Refugee Convention, a fact most evident in Executive Order...