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The Federal Republic of Germany is profoundly concerned with the lack of universal access to healthcare many children face in our world. Above all, we stress the underlying humanity of the issue and the fundamental right for every child to receive medical treatment: We must respect children, we must protect children, and we must empower children. As such, we propose an human rights based, sustainable and inclusive solution that strives on achieving complementarity between financial and technical cooperation programs - The KINDER Framework: A Key proposition to identify Children as Agents of Change, an Inclusive healthcare structure that is applicable to all and recognizes national differences, a Nutrition strategy to combat malnutrition and stunting, Development oriented policies by sharing best practices, Equitable financing to build capacity, and a Response system to the outbreak of food crises or diseases.

In accordance with Principle 4 of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, Germany understands its core principle to, as a collective with all other delegations in the committee, ensure and promote adequate nutrition and the access to medical services to all children around the world. In order to improve healthcare access at all levels, we identify the scope of the topic concerning three core issues:

1. Pre-Natal Action

UNICEF must consider the pertinence of pre-natal stages: In a global context, antenatal care is scarce and its access is limited to two out of three pregnant women; One woman dies of childbirth every minute . Germany urges the committee to lay the foundations for good prenatal care, improve obstetric care, and prevent prete...