European Union


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Committee: European Union Topic: The Preservation of the European Union. Country: Croatia

Delegation of the Republic of Croatia

The European union is an institution which seeks to be a region where the countries can cooperate together and create an alliance where throughout out mutual help, Member States can settle on negotiations and archieve diplomatic plans that enable them to grow their economy, have peace and stability. The goal of building this alliance was to promote the greater good as a European community. Croatia as the last Member State on joining, wish to be part of it, hoping that by becoming member, the country will have positive impacts. For the Croatians being part of the European Union was in a figurative sense a departure from a painful past after the disintegration of Yugoslavia and a acknowledgement of the achievements of the nation. It made Croatia an equal shared market of 500 million people, it facilitates mobility and open new opportunities for education, and access to European funds.

On the past decades the conservation of the unification has been threatened due to conflicts such as the financial crisis, immigrant crisis, integration of the market, terrorism, etc. Problems which make Member States doubt of the convenience of the remaining in the Union.

The European debt crisis, said in other words, means Europe struggle to pay the debts it has builded in the last decade. This problem has become one of the mayor issue to the European Union. This financial crisis started thanks to the Impact on global economy of U.S. Financial Crisis of 2008. Countries in Europe also suffered unsustainable fiscal policies, which generated high budget deficits. Some of the Member States such as Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain, failed to generate enough econ...