Lara Kaupp

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Position paper - WorldMUN 2018 - Norway - UNESCO - Innovative education

We are the students from today, studying in the schools from yesterday with teachers from ereyesterday, with methods from the Middle Ages to get solutions for the problems of tomorrow.

This quote from Dr. Peter Pauling outlines our contemporary education problems very well. Educational systems around the world are pretty similar to the systems 100 years ago. While our globalizing world is getting more complex and connected every day, educational systems remain diverse and analog. Schools keep focusing on skills like memorization - but regarding totally new conditions, like the access to internet where you can google everything and everywhere, this skill is not needed anymore. Today's students are the generation that has to overcome a plurality of complex global issues. Therefor they will need to be educated in the best possible way to find creative solutions.

The Kingdom of Norway wants to make education more innovative to prepare our future generations in the best way to face the upcoming challenges in the next decades.

At first, schools should be accessible for everyone. In Norway, 99.9% of the students graduate at least from primary school, the literacy...