Special, Political, and Decolonization Commmittee


Sih Yi Lin
Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

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Position Paper

Committee: Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Delegation: National Cheng Kung University

Delegates: Christopher Lai, Sih-Yi Lin

Topic A: Statebuilding

As stated by the definition from OECD, state building is the process of enhancing the capacity, institutions, and the legitimacy of a state, driven my state-society relations. It is a process that must be administered and monitored from the start to the end, in order to ensure a successful state building, especially in the transition of power from the helping countries to the local government.

Throughout the history of our great nation, Azerbaijan has gone through multiple transitions of power; most recently back in December 1991 when the Soviet Union Dissolved and Azerbaijan dropped the words Soviet Socialist from its title. Before becoming a part of the USSR, Azerbaijan has declared independence for a brief time of 23 months in 1918, and in this process Azerbaijan has ac...