Disarmament and International Security Committee


Ayat Siddiqui

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Disarmament and International Security Committee Republic of Armenia

Topic: Violent Non-State Actors

Violent Non-State Actors (VNSAs), once considered small players in global affairs, have risen in importance as different regions of the world entered periods of volatile change. They can now be considered one of the most challenging opponents to creating lasting, global stability in the modern world. VNSAs can be defined as individuals or organisations with economic, social, and/or political influence at a national or international level who are not part of any particular state and use methods of violence in order to achieve their goals. Within this broad definition fall various seemingly dissimilar categories of organisations, from organised crime families to paramilitary forces and warlords. There is currently no international guideline for the classification and methods of interaction with these forces, leaving the United Nations and its member states with no choice except to consider each VNSA individually as national and regional crises arise.

The Republic of Armenia is deeply disturbed by the strength of VNSAs throughout the world. The lack of clarity regarding the point at which the international community should intervene in the interaction between a state and a VNSA is especially concerning. The Armenian delegati...