The Commission On Crime Prevention And Criminal Justice


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**Committee: Commission On Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Country: Austria

Topic A: World Drug Problem**

The main problem in Austria is drug transit throughout the country because it is located at the Balkan route and is in presence of the Vienna International Airport, which serves as a hub for drug smuggling. For example Cannabis products come from Albania and Morocco, Cocaine comes from Central and South America via Vienna International Airport, to a lesser extent, by road from west European and west Balkan countries and synthetic drugs which are consumed in Austria are mostly produced in the Netherlands, while amphetamine also originate from Poland and methamphetamines comes from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The main interest is the Addiction Prevention, it consist of three fields of intervention: Prevention of addiction, Help with addiction (harm reduction, treatment, rehabilitation, and reintegration) and security. It supports the principle of treatment instead of punishment, aims for a society as free of addiction as possible that views addiction as a disease.

Prevention has often been combined with intervention to prevent non-substance-related addictive behaviours and violence. Environmental prevention measures in Austria are primarily aimed at ensuring safe, educational, and recreational settings for young people that promote overall well-being and health.

The implementation of ...