Cabinet of the Republic of South Korea, 1976
Park Tongjin (Minister of Foreign Affairs)


Gloria Cabral

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Cabinet of the Republic of South Korea, 1976. Park Tongjin 박동진, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

"가재는 게 편이라" ("Birds of a feather flock together").

Dear members of the Cabinet,during recent times our country has lived in first-hand the horrors and atrocities of a war, and the numerous casualties that are left behind with it. Besides the national consequences imposed by said events, there are many other international outcomes that must be taken into account by this government. Let's not forget that the international decisions made by this Cabinet will affect not only the present, but specially the future -and success- of this great nation.

The current environment in which we live today, and in which we base our decision-making process, is filled with threats, as well as provocative behavior by our immediate northe...