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Nicole Adams

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Shyamni Chokshi and Nicole Adams Committee: Legal Committee Country: The Republic of Angola School: The University of Western Australia

Topic: A – Intellectual Property Rights and HIV/AIDS Medication

The right to health is one of the key points in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.[1] However, international intellectual property laws do not adequately reflect this. They favour only wealthy nations with large pharmaceutical companies, drive hybrid generic drug producers out of the market and drastically increase retail drug prices. This results in it being nearly impossible for many people - particularly people from developing nations - to afford the medication they desperately require. The Republic of Angola believes that urgent efforts should be made in international legislation to lower the costs of HIV/AIDS medications with consideration to the economic and humanitarian needs of countries which have the greatest prevalence of this disease. The Republic of Angola has one of the highest global rates of HIV/AIDs and current international laws make treatment and confinement of HIV exceedingly difficult for the government.[2] In the 2011 UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on AIDS, the Republic of Angola was identified as a priority country in need of aid.[3] HIV/AIDS is not only a health issue but an economic one, as serious illnesses of its kind drastically inhibit GDP growth.[4] The government sees this issue as a top priority, and has taken many steps to combat it, resulting in a decrease of adult HIV incidence by 19% between 2001 and 2011.[5] Despite this, the situation is far from resolved, and central to a solution is the effective administration of medication. If all people with the disease were treat...