United Nations Environment Assembly


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United Nations Environmental Assembly Position Paper

COUNTRY: Peru COMMITTEE: Disarmament and international security DELEGATES: Elin Adolfsson and Monica Berenji

A. “Towards a pollution-free planet”

We the republic of Peru recognizes the importance of preventing environmental pollution. It is not only affecting important ecosystems, but also harming the global air and water quality into a irreversible state. The main elements in the problem stems from groundwater pollution, soil erosion and deforestation. This can be primarily rooted in the lack knowledge and accountability. It is therefore vital that nations come together increasing sustainable industrial behaviours, this initiative needs to be coming from both public and private sectors.

Peru's most significant industry is fishing, pollutions and the harming of the atlantic ocean affects the nourishment supply for marine and sea life. Also air and soil quality is in a critical state making our citizens sicker and poorer. This is an urgent threat to Peru’s long term economic de...