SOCHUM - Third Committee of The United Nations General Assembly
Russian Federation


Iyad Ait Hou

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Committee: SOCHUM- Third Committee of the

United Nations General Assembly

Topic: ”Climate change: humanitarian threat and

human rights challenge of the 21st century”

Country: The Russian Federation Delegates: IYAD AIT HOU

Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges facing the humanity is the scourge of climate change and its effects. This issue not only causes environmental damage but it also affect human beings and peace. The Russian federation, one of the five highest emitting nations, recognizes that urgent measures such as the cop21, the Kyoto protocol, and UNFCCC should be taken more frequent basis in the future, if we want to maintain the globe’s stability and preserve the environment for the future generation. Russia has a pivotal role in influencing the future direction of international climate change, and is convinced that shaping an international response to climate change is the best solution to alleviate this problem.

“Global warming will have more impact on Russia than any other area of the world” said Alexander ...