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Cybele Schneider

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Human Rights Council, Germany Topic A: Digital Rights

With the increased supply and demand of digital networks, the right to allow people to interact on those platforms and more substantially to have access to the Internet seems legitimate. The right to an access to Internet more broadly is a form of empowering people to access knowledge and could hence lead to an advanced society in the future. In Germany most people have access to the digital world and the government is trying to keep it as secure as possible without violating privacy rights. Digital rights are fundamental human rights for Germany, which has signed and ratified all human rights declarations of the UN.

For us Germans the Internet gives many people opportunities, for employment, business, knowledge, communication and more, hence it is seen as a fundamental right to individuals, who wish to have it. However the fees for the Internet are not yet included in the welfare income of unemployed people. The policies of the Bundesamt and especially of the Department for Foreign Affaires are very proactive towards Digital rights. They are expanding economic opportunity through digital means, they also are working on securing the online space, from hackers, and other cyber-terrorist groups. Moreover the Department for Foreign ...